How to use this site

This site is set up to streamline the efforts to make and share split-Gal4 lines.

Sharing a line

To share a line without an account, please use the Add a line link and fill the form. If you have logged in, your email and your host lab will be pre-filled as the contributor and the point of contact for this line.

To share many lines at once, you can register and verify your account, and use the template from Batch upload. If you plan to share lines generated by your collaborators, please provide their information in the Contributor

column (if doing batch upload) or the contributor field (if filling the add-a-line form).

Updating a line

One of the main goal of the site is to make it easy to share reagents and coordinate the effort to make more reagents in a timely and efficient manner. Therefore, we encourage you to share the lines that you are in the process of making or planning to make. When you have made a line that you have shared on the site before, you may update this information by going to the page for the line, or go to the My Account drop-down menu, and you will find all the lines you have shared in Manage My Lines.

Why would I need an account?

The lines you shared will be associated with your account. The account grants you access to a dashboard to manage and update your lines.

In addition, after sharing your lines, your account will have access to the lines that are marked as internal sharing only.

Improving the site

The platform is undering going active development, and we are happy to take any suggestions that will make it an easier and more accessible experience for you. Just let us know!

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