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Who we are

The database ( is coordinated by Yu-Chieh David Chen (ycc4[at] and maintained by Yen-Chung Chen (yenchung.chen[at] We are not experts in website technology nor in privacy law, so the following description is to the best of our understanding of how this website is built and our intentions. If you suspect your privacy is compromised while browsing, please don't hesitate to contect Yen-Chung Chen (yenchung.chen[at] This website is built with django (v4.2.3), and the source code is available on GitHub.

Collection of your personal information

The website does not identify you when you browse. If you choose to sign up for an account, your name, email, affiliation, and host lab will be recorded and available to the administrator.

Sharing of your personal information

Your email and host lab will be associated with the line you shared with the database. This information will be available to the public for lines that are shared publically; for the lines that are shared internally, this information will be available to other contributors who have also shared lines to the database.

Usage of your personal information

The information will be only used for requesting and sharing of split-Gal4 lines.
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